Walker Proclaims ” New Homes Month”


(Madison, WI) – For the second year in a row, Governor Scott Walker issued an official Proclamation announcing the month of April as “New Homes Month” within the state of Wisconsin. A new web domainwww.HomeSweetNewHome.com hosted by the Wisconsin Builders Association (WBA) reviews the benefits of building a new home including a list of the “Top Ten Reasons to Build a New Home.”

Because statistics show that 91% of all new home purchase decisions are made by women, the WBA developed a New Homes Month consumer education campaign with them in mind.

Throughout the month of April, the Wisconsin Builders Association in conjunction with 23 local associations across the state will conduct a consumer education campaign through their Facebook page highlighting five main themes: Healthy Living, Peace of Mind, Social Entertaining, Wise Investment, and Personal Achievement.

“It is encouraging that Governor Walker has placed new home building as a top priority for the state once again,” said Kirsten Lee Villegas, WBA State Executive Officer.  “Besides the positive economic value the home building industry brings to a community, new homes also provide tremendous personal value to a homeowner.”  

The first week’s theme focuses on Healthy Living and the advantages that a newly built home provides to personal health and well-being. Topics such as natural sunlight, indoor air quality, potential “used” homes issues with mold and radon will be discussed with helpful links to find even more information on the topics.

To follow the weekly consumer education updates, simply “LIKE” the WBA Facebook page at http://tinyurl.com/phelptp